You Can’t Change the Wind

As a sailor, I’ve always loved that adage that says, “You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the sails”. It is a great reminder to be let go of things you can’t control. I went out today to begin teaching one of our teens how to sail – it looked like a nice day. We got the Laser mostly set up and then the wind came up and dumped me into the lake while I was putting the boom on. We had a good laugh about that. We decided to leave the boat at the dock to see if the wind would pass but when we came out shortly afterwards, the wind had ripped a sizeable hole in the sail, losing one of the battensĀ¹ to the lake in the process. That was it for sailing today. But I thought it provided a good addendum to the saying; Sometimes the wind will throw you around so much all you can do is pick the bits up off the bottom of the lake, learn to sew, and hang tight for a more pleasant day.


  1. The batten is a flat stick that is placed horizontally in a pocket in the sail to give it some rigidity and, thus, better performance. You can kind of see in the picture that the rip ran along the batten pocket which allowed it to fall in to the water.