Empty Nest…?

Being Poly introduces some odd emotional entanglements. Our household is unconventional; consisting of myself, my partner, her husband, their two kids, and, until recently, my two kids. The last of mine moved out just a couple of weeks ago. And I’m feeling quite a range of emotions. I love their kids and we all get a long great but it just isn’t… the same. I feel less purposeful, rather melancholic, and this feeling is somewhat amplified watching them relate to their kids on a daily basis. I feel a bit more like a third-wheel. I know the feeling will pass eventually, especially if I give it room to just be what it is. Meanwhile, I’m going to do my best to engage with my now-further-away kids. And maybe I can teach theirs how to sail on my vacation this year.

Personal Space

I was out dining with the fam last night and we noticed a young woman, one of the serving staff, had a tattoo on the nape of her neck with an infinity symbol woven through a heart. It is likely that not many people are familiar with the symbol for polyamory just yet but our family, being poly, is quite familiar with it. I have to admit feeling like the mythical Volkswagen Beetle owners who waved at each other out of a singularly specific common bond. I really wanted to say hi and share a moment of connection with someone who understood us. In the end, though, I left her to her work, figuring that she was busy with her work, and, quite honestly, I awkwardly had no idea how to start the conversation. But I have to admit I remain curious and rather full of admiration for someone who wears something potentially that controversial for all to see.