Well, That was Amazing

I’m exhausted and really need some sleep so this might not be very coherent. That’s okay though because the exhaustion was well earned. We went to a delightful wedding/handfasting yesterday and then my band played at the reception. Then we joined a few late stragglers, specifically my coworkers and boss (who is a really good singer and guitar player), around a campfire trading songs until three in the morning. When we got back to the lake this afternoon, a singer friend invited a couple of her friends over for some lake time. Turns out they were both accomplished singer song-writers. So we enjoyed an afternoon of the most amazing three part harmonies and beautiful guitar playing. I am filled with gratitude to have such amazing people wander through my life.

If We Could All Just Relax

We had a great time out wakeboarding and surfing today and I posted a few pictures from the adventure on Facebook. The kids look great of course, but one of the adults didn’t like the pictures so I quickly took them down. Looking at them, she looks great; she’s clearly skilled and she’s having a lot of fun. So it is kind of too bad because somewhere inside she’s being hard on herself for something that the rest of the world wouldn’t perceive. Then again, the pictures of me make me look, well, fatter, than I perceive myself. If only all of us could just relax and have fun the word would be a happier place.

(I chose to post the picture of feet because it was kind of cool in an anonymous way)

Self-development at 3:30am

A feature of the Enneagram 9 personality type is a certain slothfulness in terms of self-care and self-development. I’ve been trying to do better; meditation, yoga, journaling, to-do lists, and so on. Last night, I stepped out of my normal insular routine to go hang out with some neighbours. And in the midst of all the snacks and wine and guitars and songs, I realized that this, too, is a form of self-development. It has been a load of fun getting to know these folks better and just spending some time in a room full of people just doing their best to be happy for a little while is, in fact, a form of self-care. That in itself is an interesting proposition – to go to a party with the conscious intent of taking care of oneself mentally and spiritually.

Horsing Around

It always amazes me the number of things I don’t know about. I went with my partner today to get her some new, proper, boots for horsemanship. She’s an old hand at horses although circumstances forced her into a thirty year hiatus. Walking into the store the first thing you notice is the wonderful smell of leather; rich, natural, and laced with history. The second thing that struck me was that there is a lot of stuff in there that I know nothing about; buckles, clips, ropes too stiff to bend, and singularly uncomfortable hats with boxes to carry them in. I’m feeling rather fortunate to have this little window opened up into a world I have no experience in.