Falling off the Wagon

I’ve been rather delinquent in my promise to myself to improve my health. I started off well, getting some regular workouts in but a number of things have conspired which have caused me to fall off the wagon in the last couple of weeks.

As I watch the dust from the wagon as it trundles away in the distance, I’m reminded that I’m getting older and there is probably a point of no return where that wagon disappears over the horizon. You hit that point and you’ll never catch up again.

I’m going to pick myself up, dust myself off, get moving and climb back on.

The Enneagram says self-care is a challenge for a Type 9. That self care extends not only to the physical care but also emotional and mental care as well. Heck, maybe more so because if I’m really engaged emotionally with myself, I’ll do the physical care thing with enthusiasm.

If I really dare look inside, when I say there have been things that have caused me to fall off the wagon, that’s a cop-out. I’m looking for a way of disengaging with myself. Or, more precisely, abdicating responsibility for myself. And yet, I can tell that my body is not happy with me; I ache all over, which may be partly a cold coming on but it is likely stress related too. I can tell that my brain isn’t happy either as it takes ages to wake up every day.

So, given two choices, of sitting here in the dust or getting moving, I suppose there is only one choice. 🙂