Steadfast Nine

Why Steadfast Nine?

I identify as a “nine” on the Enneagram. Nine’s are the Enneagram’s enigma, more like every other type than themselves. Nines often act like the other types they interact with in an effort to get along well with them. That is one of nine’s most daunting challenges. Losing themselves in the interactions with others — not even knowing what you want or need because you’ve given up knowing to keep unity with others.

Nines can be loyal, confident, strong, and, if they desire it, independent.

Steadfastness comes in two flavours; the most obvious is loyalty to friends and family. I feel you can count on me.

But the more important, and less obvious, is steadfastness to self. This is where so much of my work lies; in finding out what I want and who I am. So the name SteadfastNine is a good reminder to keep searching and learning.